Subway Girl -Webbafied

Have you ever had a subway romance from across the platform and wondered what would’ve happened if you had followed your heart?

Subway Girl – Webbafied


WebbaFied as Himself
Elizabeth Guerrero as the Good Twin
Elisa Jalca as the Evil Twin
Diego Jalca as the Boyfriend
Phil DeJean as Slow Commuter
Kemba Bloodworth as the Distraction


Produced by Rolling Rhinos Productions
Concept, Directed, Edited, B-Roll – Vince Lombardi
DP – A’Liosha Penguinov
Song Produced – Molecule and Webbafied
CG – Tigi Kuttamperoor (
PA – Shana Mauvais
PA – Kemba Bloodworth

Special Thanks to Shira, you always bring us all together. Thank you to everybody who helped me make this happen and everyone who’s been so patient with me over this process!