A little about myself, I’m originally from Clinton, MA but moved to Louisville, KY with my 5 older sisters when I was 7. I did a lot of choir and theater in middle and high school and ended up going to college for acting in Decatur, IL for a year before dropping out and moving to New York when I was 18. I had been working in the back of the house of restaurants since I was 13 but when I moved to the city I made the transition to waiter. I did a handful of acting gigs, formed a sketch comedy troupe, and eventually got pulled into producing cable access shows by some fellow waiters. Around this time I got offered an opportunity to AD an independent film called “If You Could Say It In Words” and through a communication breakdown my restaurant boss calls me on my first day on set giving me the ultimatum to choose the movie or the restaurant. I swore off working in restaurants and parleyed that gig into PA work on big budget TV shows and movies (Bourne Ultimatum, I Am Legend, CSIWhatever, etc). I started catering fancy events for extra cash and it grew on me quickly because of the loose schedule, if I had a conflict I could just say no and be free to pursue my newly formed video company Rolling Rhinos Productions.

I eventually got a great account with General Tools doing instructional videos, which has been a lot of fun working with Peter Harper over there. But my passion is music videos. I’ve done mostly local independent artists (Ms. Shira – Mischievous Lover, WebbaFied – Subway Girl) and find a lot of my artists among my friends and co-workers. I did a 28 min cable access special for “Emergency Service”, Sam Rivers and Chris Norton’s eclectic band on my show “First Note”. Taped live shows for Chris Norton and Marko Gazic’s swing band (Sly Blue), and Ed Holly’s funk experience (Preachermann & The ). Most of which I’ve met through different work situations. Recently I’ve been working with Khaldoun Aldhalie on his thriller TV pilot “Disturbed”, I cut the opening credit montage, closing credits and trailer. Can’t wait to see how it does in the festivals!

I just directed and shot a music video in Catania, Sicily for “Tapso II” called Life in a Multiplied World. It was amazing taking the traditional puppets and with the help of my sister Angela Zappala, transformed them into the band members. Last summer I was able to DP a music video for Iyadede “Love Mantra”, a Rawandan singer who is getting a bunch of nice press recently. WebbaFied also performs in Paris frequently, so it’s nice to have a little bit of an international presence started. I hope to keep up the pace and keep traveling and filming all the different music this world has to offer. Thank you for watching.

-Vince Lombardi




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